Free Printable November 2021 Moon Phases Calendar

November 2021 Moon Phases Calendar: November is a very important month for all business and government offices because it is the eleventh and second last month of the year. Its Latin name is “Novem” which means nine. According to the Roman Calendar, November was the ninth month of the year. When reforming the calendar the January and February were added at the beginning of the year and it becomes the eleventh month of the year. Today in this article, we are presenting November 2021 Moon Calendar with four important phases New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter, etc.

The Moon calendar is also one of the important types of calendar. This page is loaded with the November 2021 Lunar Calendar which you can download and print for free and for a good preview you can print it on an A4 size paper sheet. The moon phases calendar is a very good tool to know all the lunar phases of any month.

November 2021 Moon Phases Calendar

Moon Phases of November Month 2021

  • New Moon: November 04
  • First Quarter: November 11
  • Full Moon: November 19
  • Last Quarter: November 27

2021 November Full Moon Calendar

Moon Calendar November 2021 Moon Phases Calendar November 2021 November 2021 Full Moon Calendar

November 2021 Lunar Calendar

When we look at the moon, the moon looks very bright. Do you know there is no own light of the moon? it bright from the light of the sun. We can see only illuminated part of the moon from the earth Because the moon is several thousand kilometers away from the earth. The moon changes its shape every night. These changes in the size of the moon are called the lunar phase.

When the earth comes between the moon and the sun then the sun’s light cannot reflect the moon that’s why we can not see the moon this situation is called New Moon. When the moon comes between earth and sun. The light of the moon falls on the entire moon and this situation we call the Full moon. Below we have shared the calendar template of moon phases of November Month in which you can find out the dates of these important phases.

November 2021 Full Moon Calendar Template November 2021 Lunar Calendar November 2021 Lunar Phases Calendar November 2021 Moon Phases Calendar

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